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On this page, are descriptions for my current titles.  I would say they are all "works in progress" because aren't they always being improved upon...until acquisition anyway. These titles are just waiting for the perfect agent/editor/publisher to snatch them up!  If you see something you like, or have any questions at all, please click HERE to express interest!  I very much look forward to visiting! 

I appreciate the few moments you have taken to check out my site.  Please take a few more to look around at the SCRIBBLE BUDDIES service pages!  I believe writing pen pal letters can be a giant step into molding future authors, artists, and all around compassionate people!

Oliver And The Surprise Guest

One of Oliver's many lonely days is interrupted by a knock at the door. Hoping for a new friend, he answers the door to find a turtle hidden in its shell. He is disappointed, but curious. After several attempts to help the turtle "come out of its shell", he finally thinks outside the box and comes up with a clever idea! This is a cute tale about finding friendship in the most unlikely of places (or things).




Jude The Dude Just Can't Win (rhyming)


Jude the dude can't win at games, no matter how hard he tries. He is getting stressed and ready to give up. Out of the blue he is presented an opportunity to change his fate with one last game. His pal, a gal named Sal, challenges him to a rhyming contest against the fiercest opponent. 




 The Happy Tree And The Tree With Spaces (rhyming; STEM) 


Bob the tree is living his best life.  He is tall, happy, and growing every day. Brad, a tree growing next to him, isn’t so confident. He has weird looking spaces in his leaves and Bob tries to reassure him that his spaces aren’t ugly.  There is no convincing him until something special happens and we get to see the purpose of his unique leaf patterns.  This is a wonderful story of realizing your place in the world.




Charlie's Quest For Kindness (rhyming) 


Charlie the lemur looks for creative ways to be kind to each and every animal in the zoo. But, when he comes across a reluctant penguin, he meets his greatest challenge. Will Charlie find a fun and effective way to warm a cold heart?





There Was A Small Girl With A Pain In Her Eye (rhyming)  


Bears, chairs, ninjas, and yummy food products are causing major issues. Sally has something in her eye and is growing desperate by the minute! After everything is removed, her dad finds one last thing that may do the trick! But, even then, one more dilemma develops.   





Todd The Toilet Clogs Too Much (rhyming)


Todd the toilet clogs...all the time. When he tells others, he always gets a negative response. Todd can't understand -- does no one else like Irish dancing? He tries other talents, but ultimately, there's only one choice for him. A story of self-acceptance. 



Sheriff Clyde's Desert Ride 


Sheriff Clyde is rough, tough, and on the trail of an old west desperado.  In a hot, desert chase, the sheriff finds himself up against rattlesnakes, quicksand and an outrageous outlaw. But, just as he’s about to pounce, somethin’ terrible happens. Will Sheriff Clyde catch up with the bandit? Or, has he finally met his match?



Hairy Bigfoot Believes In Humans  


Hairy knows humans exist, even though no one has ever seen one. He and his human sighting companion, Shaggy, host weekly podcasts and blogs about these filthy creatures. The two prepare to track one, finally proving their existence. After digging, crawling, and climbing through the toughest terrain, they encounter a surprising discovery.



Stir The Pashofa

Wrapped in culture, tradition, and perseverance, the Chickasaw Nation has a strong history of dance, families, and ceremonial gatherings. Pashofa is a dish enjoyed by centuries of Chickasaw people passed down from generation to generation.  This book takes you through a day of preparing this cultural dish and what it represents.




As two separate houses  are being built side-by-side, follow the journey of the extraordinary house being built on the cornerstone. The living stones in this journey quickly find out what it takes to build a firm foundation with the faith and trust in the precious cornerstone chosen by the extraordinary builder. 

Tiny Horse

There’s this fable of a horse in a stable with a large red roof and a big green gable. Why is this horse incredibly small on a farm where horses are incredible tall? He serves a purpose as we all do-he wouldn't be lonely if he only knew! With a little patience, the tiny horse will soon find out the purpose of his unique size.



Detective Colmes And The Homework Caper (read in film noir voicing)


High street—where criminals, the innocent, and Detective Colmes, Private Eye, all darken the same doors. This particular night finds Miss Suzie Q desperate to find out what happened to her homework.  Positive the dog ate it, she reaches out to the neighborhood private eye for help. When the clues don’t fit, Detective Colmes has to put the pieces together and find the unlikely suspect. Come along as he continues his streak to keep the streets safe.


Detective Colmes And The Cheater (read in film noir voicing) 


When a desperate girl shows up at the home of Detective Colmes, private eye, he readies himself for some midday trouble. Sherry is her name and go-fish is her game.  She knows her brother is cheating and comes to Colmes to help take him down.  After visiting her game room, Detective Colmes discovers something that just might crack this case.





Detective Colmes And The Eleven Donuts (read in film noir voicing) 


It was Sunday morning and Detective Colmes was interrupted by a sticky note he found on his bedroom window.  Following the directions of the note, Colmes found himself looking for a missing pastry. After searching for clues, he narrowed it down to one dirty culprit. A dog, some icing, and a coffee stain all come together for a surprise ending you gotta read to believe.





Detective Colmes And The Empty Hamster Cage (read in film noir voicing) 


When frantic Mikey shows up, he is panting like a crazy canine.  Detective Colmes talks Mikey off the ledge and finds out there is a missing hamster.  Mikey is at a loss and Colmes assures him they will get down to the bottom of it.  After Colmes lays his eyes on the scene of the crime, he instantly knows there is trouble.  What does he see?  Do they find the hamster? Does Mikey learn a lesson?  There’s only one way to find out.





Detective Colmes And The Salty Lemonade (read in film noir voicing)  


It was a hot summer day and the last thing on the mind of Detective Colmes was solving crimes.  After a stranger showed up with trouble, he had no choice.  Johnny’s lemonade business was interrupted with stolen sugar and a salty substitute. What or who is the guilty party here? Find out if Colmes can find the suspect or burn up in the intense summer heat.

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