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Your Buddies

On this page, you will find several great options for your child to choose their own Scribble Buddy!  Please know this is not required, some children need to have a visualization for the Buddy they are creating a relationship with!  If your child sees a buddy that they instantly connect with, please let us know!

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Sassy Sally

Sally loves to give her opinion, and has a lot of feelings about a lot of things. She wants to know what your thoughts and opinions are.

Caring Carla


Carla’s father owns a mechanic shop, so she’s very interested in cars. She especially likes working on older cars.

Smart Sam


Straight A student that loves to spend his weekends studying and reading. He hopes to get a great scholarship for college.

Quiet Quinn


Shy but very nice. Quinn would rather read a book or pet her cat than go to the mall or donut shop.

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Joking Josh


The class clown. He can always make the whole room laugh, but never at someone else’s expense.

Dancing Daniel


Has been taking ballet since he was 4. He hopes to become a world famous dancer someday.

Intuitive Inaya


Can sense when someone is sad and needs a friend. Inaya wants to help people with their problems.

Chef Cheyenne


Enjoys cooking, and especially baking. Cheyenne shows her friends she loves them by baking cookies for them. She may even have a recipe for you!


Football Fabian


Fabian plays ‘football’ (what we call ‘soccer’). He is very good – he even got team captain this year!


Fancy Felicity


Always knows what’s fashionable and in style, Felicity enjoys reading fashion magazines and designing clothes.


Animal Lovin' Alex 


Alex loves caring for animals. Has 4 dogs, 2 cats, a fish, a parrot, and a snake. Alex wants to be a veterinarian someday.


Robot Reese


Enjoys tinkering with machines and gadgets. He’s on a robotics team at school, and is working on a robot that can take the garbage out.


Computer Collin


Loves learning about technology and computers. Collin can show you how to create your own website.

Horsey Hannah


Has ridden horses since she was a small child. Works at her aunt’s stable helping care for the horses.



Bloo lives in the mountains of Antarctica and is made out of snow and ice. He can freeze things with the wave of his hand.



From millions of lightyears away, Eilatan has come to visit earth because he wants to learn about human friendships. He is a friendly alien, and asks a lot of questions about our planet.

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