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​Scribble Buddies is a service that is different than any other pen pal program.  Most of us have had pen pals in the past. The difference that Scribble Buddies offers is a guaranteed handwritten letter sent to your child every single month. These letters will have a specific focus on reading skills, creative writing, literacy, education, social interactions, courteousness, and over all positivity. AND, every child loves to receive mail addressed directly to them!  You can sign up for other pen pal services, but they always seems to fade away and you never know if you will receive letters in return.  We will ALWAYS return letters and look forward to seeing your child's growth letter after letter!!

Scribble Buddies is passionate about education! All letters to be received, will be written on notebook paper with no letterhead or any formal jargon.  Your child is encouraged to express creativity by drawing pictures, using crayons, using colored pencils, telling jokes, or just sticking to an old fashioned letter!



scribblebuddies pen pal service


At Scribble Buddies, our staff is filled with teachers and educators encompassed with great ethics and very high moral standards.  We have the utmost respect for each and every parent and child and are driven to the success of our company through the positive relationships built with each Scribble Buddy!!!!

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