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C.E. King


Children's Book Author

Scribble Buddies President of Operations

Celebrate life and your own personal journey along with moving toward the next step. Whether it's a new job, graduation, a new relationship, a new baby, or just turning over a new leaf, this book is filled with inspiration to guide you along the way. 

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A busy bee, Carl, comes buzzing around Bob the tree, and Bob wants nothing to do with him.  After a bit of a confrontation, the two learn about each other and quickly become friends. 

I have always been enthusiastic about great writing! I am looking to continue my writing journey and hope to evolve my passion into a thriving career as a professional author.

I have two self published titles and I am currently looking to work with a literary agent to develop my books professionally. For my first two books, I wrote and illustrated them in a very simple fashion. My goal was to see and learn from the process from beginning to end.


Please take a look at my first project, The Happy Tree and The Bee, and reach out to learn how I went through each step of self publishing.

I received a bachelor's degree in musical theatre in 2004 and an MBA in 2012. Since completing my MBA, writing has turned into a passion. However, it was not until my son was born that I turned toward writing for children. I began writing a young adult novel and reached the halfway point when I realize how much I wanted to be writing for a younger audience.


Since changing my path into a focused journey toward children's literature, I have written several early readers, short stories, poems, and picture books. I constantly explore new themes, styles and ideas. 

I am particularly attracted to rhyming schemes, patterns, and meters that work well.  When a pattern lines up with the thought and idea expressed in any particular line, I find myself giggling uncontrollably. While writing, nothing can replace the feeling I get from a comfortable rhyme landing perfectly.

Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of learning from children each and every day.  I serve as  the director for a performing arts program that sees hundreds of students every week.  I also am the co-director for a summer art academy where we have classes in every art discipline imaginable, including culinary arts and creative writing.  My books are also inspired by these kiddos.

The Happy Tree And The Bee

Jude The Dude Just Can't Win

The Happy Tree And The Tree With Spaces

Todd The Toilet Clogs Too Much

Charlie's Quest For Kindness

There Was A Small Girl With A Pain In Her Eye

Garden In My Garden?!?

Sheriff Clyde's Desert Ride

Hairy Bigfoot Believes in Humans

Stir The Pashofa

Oliver And The Surprise Guest

Tiny Horse



Detective Colmes and the Homework Caper

Detective Colmes and the Empty Hamster Cage

Detective Colmes and the Missing Bike

Detective Comes and the Cheater

Detective Colmes and the Eleven Donuts

Detective Colmes and the Salty Lemonade


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In the heart of a forgotten meadow, where green grass met golden leaves, an empty hammock hung that no one dared to touch.

The crisp autumn air whispered secrets as it rustled through the trees, allowing leaves to dance their farewell waltz.

Every evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, children nearby gathered to witness the eerie phenomenon.

They shared tales of the hammock's haunted past; stories too spine-chilling to speak of in broad daylight.

Some said it was cursed by a mischievous spirit who appeared on deepest, darkest nights.

Others claimed it was a portal to another world, with only a peal of phantom laughter echoing through the stillness.

But what truly sent shivers down their spines was the sight of the empty hammock swaying gently in the breeze, as if beckoning them to take a seat.

No one challenged its mysterious invitation, for they knew that once you entered its embrace, you might never return.

So, as the nights grew colder and the leaves withered, the empty hammock remained an

unsettling mystery,

a silent entity in a web of whispers,

where the unknown lurked in the shadows,

waiting for someone brave enough to unravel its chilling secrets.

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