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Your child's Scribble Buddy is a pen pal that allows them to connect with a person through
the power of a
hand written letter.  

Scribblebuddies classroom pen pal


Our tailored focus on academics and your child means they will find a scribble buddy that can teach them and connect with them at the same time. There is no time better than RIGHT NOW to place an educational focus on building relationships for our kids. We are here for that! Educational components such as math, science, history,      and of course READING, will be strategically placed in           the monthly letters! Your kids won't even know                           they are learning! 


Welcome to SCRIBBLE BUDDIES, where educational and social development go hand in hand. 

Everybody NEEDS a buddy.


Scribblebuddies classroom pen pal

School Discounts Available!!

 For your first letter
not sure where to start???



Hi! My name is.png


Forget text messaging, forget Facebook, forget Twitter, forget all those things!  At SCRIBBLEBUDDIES, we focus on connecting through education and social skills!


gives kids the opportunity to express themselves through their own creativity.


Giving your child a penpal is giving them a connection to something more powerful than any device!   


You can sign up for other penpal services but

never quite feel the confidence that you WILL receive a letter in return.


Waiting for a letter that never comes is like trying to give a high five and you just get left hanging!!

Getting a letter in return isn't just a simple "hello" back.  


This communicates with your child that someone cares enough to spend time getting to know them.  


This happens subconsciously and we are ready to start that with your kiddos...... 


I can't wait to meet my next SCRIBBLE BUDDY!!! pen pal for kids

 At SCRIBBLEBUDDIES we have a passion for helping each and every child build confidence through relationships and education successes along the way!  All this with a fun and exciting PENPAL buddy!!

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